Name: Adam Friga

Position: Superintendent

Phone extension#: 302


Years at Oran: 11


Name: Jim Gloth

Position: Jr. High/High School Principal

Phone extension#: 309


Years at Oran: 3 (2 previous years)

Additional Duties:  Transportation Director


Name: Travis SpaneMr. Spane

Position: Elementary Principal

Phone extension#: 304

Years at Oran: 19

Classes taught and additional duties: K-6 Elementary Principal and Federal Programs Director

Name: Tammy GainesMrs. Gaines

Position: Curriculum Director

Phone extension#: Option 1 for Elementary


Years at Oran: 31

Additional duties: K-9 Counselor, District Testing Coordinator, Gifted


Name: Krysty HoltMrs. Holt

Position: Special Services Director/Elementary Special Education Teacher

Phone extension#: 341

Years at Oran: 10

Classes taught and additional duties: Special Education Director, Section 504 Director, Elementary Special Education Teacher, Professional Development Committee, CTA Secretary

Administrative Assistants

Name: Marlene Scherer (1977)

Position: Bookkeeper/Superintendent Assistant

Phone extension#: 301

Years at Oran: 25


CrystalName: Crystal Todt (1982)

Position: High School Secretary

Phone extension: 307

Years at Oran: 19

Classes taught and additional duties: nothing

Name: Jan Young

Position: Elementary Secretary

Phone extension: 

Years at Oran: 

Classes taught and additional duties: 

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